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For the One I Love
Chapter Sixteen
“Mysteries of Time”

Carefully, little by little, Rei and Minako led Usagi down the staircase from her bedroom, into the hallway, and across into the living room.  The room was crowded with people, some sitting, others standing, or leaning against the wall. It was silent, and the pizza sat on the dining room table, getting cold.

A young woman sat in the midst of all the chaos. Upon seeing Usagi, she instantly rose from the chair and smiled. She had brown eyes and her matching brown hair touched the center of her back, slightly curling out at the tips. She wore a frilly baby doll blue shirt, white belt and white shorts with black knee-socks.

“Tsukino-san.” She continued to smile. “You probably don’t remember me, we only met a few times and it’s been a while, but, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Hitomi, right?” Usagi asked. Rei and Minako helped Usagi sit down on the couch, across from where Hitomi stood. Hitomi took the initiative and sat back down.

“Oh you do remember. That makes me happy.” She said. “I’m sorry.” She also added frowning and looking at Usagi. “I didn’t know you were sick, but I wouldn’t have asked for your time if it wasn’t important. I’m happy to see you have so many friends to help out though.”

“Er, it’s alright.” Usagi said. The truth was she didn’t really remember the girl at all, she just knew her name from Makoto. “You said… you have a message from Seiya?”

“Oh, yes. Actually…” The girl frowned a little with her eyes but retained her smile. A soft red appeared on her cheeks. “It’s silly I guess, but, I made a promise to him three years ago, when he quit at the clothing store, a promise I would read the letter he left me and do what it had asked.”

“Clothing store?” Minako asked.

“That’s how I knew Seiya. We were co-workers.” Hitomi replied. “The letter”, she went on, “it asked me to deliver a message to Usagi, the day after the exact date he quit the store, three years in the future.” She went on.

“And that’s today?” Usagi asked slightly stunned. “He quit?”

“I have a quick question.” Haruka interjected. “You knew Seiya, three years ago from work correct? And you met Usagi through Seiya?” Hitomi nodded. “You must have only known him for a short period, so, what exactly prompted you to honor such a thing, following the instructions of a letter for over three years by someone you barely knew?”

“I-” Hitomi blushed a deep shade of red. “It was my promise, as a goodbye gift. Not just for him, but for me too. I figured if I honored it, I- I could say goodbye myself- I uh- I loved Seiya.” She looked up at Usagi. “The night you left him, he wrote the letter and left too, even after I confessed myself- all he thought of was you.”

“I left him?” Usagi asked. Hitomi gave her a slightly quizzical look. “Oh right, I remember.” She lied quickly.  “Sorry, it was… a long time ago.”

“I understand.” Hitomi fiddled with her purse, opening the clutch and pulling out a small piece of paper. “Here, this came with the letter he left me; it’s the message for you.” Usagi reached out and took the small paper from Hitomi. She turned it over in her hands and her heart gave a small pang when she saw the word, “Dumpling” written on the front in Seiya’s handwriting.

Usagi unfurled the paper and read aloud, “I have failed here, but I know why, and I will try again elsewhere. A true time where I can win. Seiya.” Usagi put the letter down in her lap, horror struck. She looked around at the faces of her friends, who wore the same expression.


“He never told me anything, I don’t know what it means or the story behind it.” Hitomi cut Haruka’s question off to her. “I just promised to deliver that, and I have, so-” Hitomi grabbed her purse and rose from the chair.  Before moving towards the door, Hitomi turned and looked back at Usagi.  

“Tsukino-san, a quick question of my own? Do you still keep in touch with Seiya? Did uh, did it ever work out between you two?”


“Friends.” Haruka finished for Usagi.

“Friends.” Usagi mimicked Haruka. “We still talk once in a while but he lives… out of country, so it’s hard to stay in contact.”

“I’m glad you two stayed friends at least.” Hitomi smiled. “I’ve never seen two people so close to each other before like I did you two, even if you didn’t love him the way he loved you, made me quite jealous back then.” Usagi’s heart gave another pang. “Whatever happens, or doesn’t, I hope Seiya, and you, find happiness.” Hitomi held out her hand and shook Usagi’s. “It was really was nice seeing you again. Tell Seiya I say, ‘Hi’, and that I’ve kept my promise okay? Be happy Tsukino-san.” Hitomi broke hands with Usagi, and bowed to everyone else before heading to the door, Makoto as her guide out.

“Hitomi?” Usagi swiveled around in her chair and called.

“Yes?” She asked, peering from the corner.

“Are you happy?”

“Oh yes!” Hitomi raised her left hand, glowing. A small, silver object could be seen on her ring finger. “I’m actually on my way to go dress shopping! Goodbye Tsukino-san.”

“Goodbye…” Something inside of Usagi felt heavy and disturbed. She couldn’t quite place the feeling, so she clutched the letter more tightly in her hands. The room remained silent except for the quiet shuffling of putting on shoes around the corner, and the opening and closing of Usagi’s front door. When Makoto re-appeared around the corner alone, all hell broke loose.

“That idiot!”

“So he failed there?”

“That letter!”

“Is it true?”

“He’s going to time travel again?”

“He wouldn’t!?”

“But where too?”

“Hey!” Ami called out over the loud noise. “Just wait a minute! Everyone calm down! Let’s go over what we know and assume later alright?”

“Ami’s right.” Michiru said. "We know he's going to time jump again, it's just a matter of figuring out where so we can intercept and stop him."

"Right" Ami nodded. "He's in 1993. Winning over Usagi didn't work. He says he knows why, and is going to jump to a time where he says he can win. Those are the clues."

"When he stole the time key, he asked it to take him to a time where Usagi and Mamoru weren't together." Makoto glanced upwards, trying to think. "It took him to a time where they weren't but…"

"But…" Rei said trying to trail her thoughts. "But at the same time, they were. They had met before, fallen in love before, just at that moment, they were apart."

"A true time where I can win?" Minako slowly mimicked the words from the letter. "Where Usagi and Mamoru weren't together, hadn't met."

"It would of had to been before Beryl even appeared on Earth." Luna chimed in. "Usagi met Mamoru as Tuxedo Kamen the very day she became Sailor Moon."

Usagi closed her eyes, allowing Minako's words to swirl around in her mind. A true time…. the first time… before she had ever met Mamoru. Her mind continued to swirl, swirling into thoughts, into images, images of swirling cherry blossoms…. cherry blossoms. She remembered cherry blossoms, on a picturesque sunny day. And words. Seiya's words, "How do you know it's destiny? What if… we had met earlier?"  And hers, "I never would have known you first. You know the story…I'm Princess Serenity from the moon. Mamo-chan is Prince Endymion of Earth from over thousands of years ago during the Silver Millennium…" Usagi gasped.

"What is it?" They all looked at her.

"…Millennium…" Her voice was barely above a whisper.


"The Silver Millennium." She said louder. "That's where he's going."

A stunned silence suffocated the entire room, as if time itself had frozen. Yet birds were chirping from outside, a world that seemed forever away, out of reach. Nothing dared move, not even a fly. Then, the hem of Michiru's dress slowly swept upward as she began to stride forward. Her feet brushed against the soft carpet, and came to a halt before Setsuna's.

"We all know this is bad." The aqua haired woman said. "But I can see it in your eyes. It's all over your face, saying that we don't even know half the real terror of this situation. So tell us Setsuna, just how bad is it?"  

The Senshi of time stared at her friend and comrade for a moment, the terror never leaving her eyes. Michiru stared back, unflinching, and then Setsuna lowered her own into a low glare. "The destruction of the universe itself."


"You can't be serious." Yaten exclaimed crossly, rising from his lean against the couch. "How can going to one time period possibly do that? Seriously mess up time, possibly destroy Earth, slight chance at a galaxy, yes, but actually destroy the entire universe?"

"You seem to say 'Earth' lightly in that equation." Haruka's mutter was loud enough to cause a detesting glare from Yaten and an elbow from Michiru.

"It's not just any time period." Setsuna said harshly. "Time is complicated. There are certain points, certain fixed events in time that must always happen. They're rare, very rare, but they exist. Some call them destiny, but they're far more complicated than that. In the manner of time travel, they're called the Forbidden Era's."

"Forbidden Era's?" Ami inquired.

"Yes. Traveling to one is impossible without one of my time keys. Even then, without permission, which was never granted for any reason whatsoever, going there was punishable by death."

"So?" Taiki asked. "Why is that era so forbidden? How could Seiya possibly destroy the universe?"

"No one knows exactly how old the Silver Millennium is, but ancient scholars were led to believe it was the first born system from the Cauldron…. some myths even claim older than the Cauldron itself-"

"That's impossible." Taiki accused shortly. "Nothing is older than the Galaxy Cauldron."

"They're merely myths. But whatever its age, it was always destined to fall. Noting must change that-"

"But why?" Minako cut across Setsuna. "Why did it have to? Was there really no possibility of us living on in peace with our queen, our princess, our people? Of saving our world? That fate was too cruel! Why not change it?"

"Minako…" Artemis looked at her sadly and rubbed his head against her leg. Setsuna shared in her sympathy, but it was Hotaru that stepped forward.

"With death comes rebirth." She said. "You're forgetting what was born from the ashes of our kingdom. Something born from the strength her mother left behind, in a wish for a new life. Something vital to the existence of this world."  They followed her pointed finger to Usagi.

"Sailor Moon?" Minako said slowly. Hotaru nodded.

"Born first princess of the Silver Millennium, from the Cauldron itself into her mother's womb. Possessor of the strongest Sailor Crystal in existence, yet unable to transform. The Silver Crystal was always Princess Serenity's heart, her soul… the queen would never have been able to fully defeat Metalia, filled with sadness in her heart or not. It was Serenity's final act of suicide, that arose so much emotion in The Queen she was able to send us all into a new future, thus allowing Sailor Moon to be born. As both a princess and a warrior, Sailor Moon was able not only to master the power of her crystal, but exceed any limits of power anyone ever thought possible."

"And you're saying this would have never happened unless the Silver Millennium fell? The birth of Sailor Moon?" Taiki demanded.

"Yes." Setsuna replied simply. "Without the power of the Silver Crystal as it is today, this universe would have ended long ago, if not the moment the queen was unable to stop Metalia. All she could do was send us to the future, giving new hope in the form of her daughter, but to do that, her heart needed to be set in the right direction. The princess had to tragically die at her own hands, her kingdom and everyone around it. Only through the sorrow of Queen Serenity's final wish, a new life would be set in motion. The birth of Sailor Moon, enabling all future children of the Silver Millennium to transform and shape their own crystals as well."

"This is too much…" Makoto said crouching to a sit against the wall.

"How? How do you know for absolutely sure?"

Setsuna looked over Yaten for a moment as if she was considering something, biting the inside of her cheek before finally speaking. "Time… is complicated. I was born at a certain time, but at the same time, I never truly existed. My life was spent in solitude, guarding the doors of time. Some doors were sealed off even to me, while sometimes doors would just appear or disappear. Through one door I could see our princess as a child, while through the other I saw her as Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Just from that I knew, for whatever reason the peace on our Moon would not be allowed to last."

"Did you always know?" Makoto asked. "About the fall of our kingdom?"

"In a way." She replied. "All I knew was it must change from the future I saw, but that was all I knew…. being the keeper of time didn't enable you to know everything…. " She paused again before continuing.  "In my current timeline, in Usagi's past or present depending how you looked at it, she traveled to her own future. I died, breaking a vital taboo in order to stop tragedy from occurring. By the power of Neo Queen Serenity, I was reborn human in this era, and by becoming human I now have a future self as well. The true question is however, will history repeat itself? When Usagi becomes Neo Queen Serenity, will the one known as Death Phantom rise to power all over again? After all, she defeated the Death Phantom of the future, not the past. The answer is no, because when this Usagi becomes Queen she will know how to handle the situation, all because Chibi-Usa came back to the past for help and showed her. But how can it not happen if it already happened in the future? Does that mean it was always meant to happen that way, or was something truly able to change it? Like I said…. time is complicated."

"So… okay… " Taiki rubbed the temple of his forehead while Yaten looked as if he had just been hit the face with a baseball. "You know what you're talking about, we'll leave it at that. Knowing all this now, how do we stop Seiya? What's the probability Seiya actually interferes enough to the point of stopping Usagi's past self from committing suicide?"

"Pretty good since that's exactly what he's going there to do." Haruka said.

"How do you mean?" Taiki eyed her suspiciously.

"And why exactly did you?" Yaten asked Usagi very curiously.

Minako beat Haruka and Usagi to both points. "Princess Serenity committed suicide in sorrow at the loss of Prince Endymion, whom she fell in love with and lost. What's Seiya going there to try and do? To stop the very thing that in the end, made it possible for Serenity to be reborn here as Sailor Moon. It was the Queen's sorrowful wish over her suicide to the loss of Endymion to send her daughter to a future where she could be with whom she loved that got us here. That wish won't happen if Serenity doesn't fall in love and commit suicide."

"Even if Seiya fails to keep them apart again", Rei explained, "You know he'll stop at nothing to keep Serenity alive not knowing what's at stake."

"We can't waste time any longer, the severity of the issue is too great. We have to act, and send Taiki and Yaten to stop him tonight." Setsuna rose from her leaning position against the wall.  

"Tonight?" A few people said taken aback.

"What about the portal Neo Queen Serenity was setting up?" Inquired Luna.

Setsuna shook her head. "We won't be able to wait for it, not with how dire everything has truly become. Besides, if Taiki and Yaten are to go back to the Silver Millennium, only a time key can get them there."

"We're sending even more people back to the Silver Millennium? With a second time key?"

"Luna, Setsuna's right though." Ami chimed in. "At this point, what other choice do we really have?"

"I'm hoping if we do this immediately, we may be able to intercept Seiya before he actually makes the jump if he hasn't already. If we find he has gone… Yaten and Taiki know the situation at hand."

"…. …. Alright." Luna finally agreed. "If we're time jumping we should move to Rei's where there's more open space."

"Someone also needs to let Mamoru know." Artemis said.

"He's off work soon, isn't he Usagi?" Michiru asked her.

Usagi nodded. "Yeah, I'll call him."

"Alright then." Setsuna cut across the room. "Let's move everything over to Rei's and get ready." The still unsteadiness of the room finally broke out into rapid movement in every direction. A few left ahead with Rei, while others stayed behind grabbing at the cold pizza, or things of Usagi's to bring along.  

"Um, Setsuna?" She turned around at the small voice behind her, straight down into a pair bright royal blue eyes.

"Usagi? Is everything okay?"

"Yes. I was just wondering, uh…" She fidgeted with her hands. "What you were talking about earlier, er, about Crystal Tokyo changing… does, does that mean it's not a fixed point? A Forbidden Era? That the future can change? Ah-"

Setsuna's hand patted the top of Usagi's head catching her off guard. When she moved it away Usagi was surprised to see a smile spread across the woman's face. "No one should know too much of their future Usagi, because it leads them to believe there's no such thing as choice. And we do get to choose Usagi, we do."

"But-" Usagi started. "But I am destined to rule aren't I so-"

"Yes. It's your birthright to rule as Serenity. In honesty, would you want it any other way? Not protecting the people?" She chucked slightly at Usagi's shake of the head no. "Life is about the journey Usagi. And choice. How do you want to get there? And who do you want by your side?"

"I - !!!" She began startled. Setsuna just placed her hand back on her head.

"Be happy Usagi. That's all anyone of us could ever want for you. Be happy and live, okay?" Setsuna patted her head one final time before taking off to help the others, leaving a heavily flushed Usagi alone in her living room, her heart more wrenched than before.


More nightmares, more headaches, and the words, “Don’t come!” The dream of a dancing Usagi once more graced Seiya's night terrors. The story was the same, the long flowing gown, the cackling man in white carrying her away, a bright glow from behind them, almost like moonlight. It was blinding, and every time Fighter closed her eyes she could see it with an added throb from her head.

“Um, are you okay?” Sailor Moon delicately asked from behind her.

"Yeah." Fighter grumbled. "Just a headache is all."

"Oh, okay." Fighter looked up at Sailor Moon, causing her to rapidly turn away. Star Fighter sighed. Not much was said after Seiya’s revelation the night before, mostly just silence. Eventually Usagi awkwardly turned to go, leading the rest of the group behind her. Fighter assumed it was only on Usagi’s wishes that the rest of the group hadn’t made any remarks, which she appreciated, but she could still sense a change among them. The curiosity, the warm thanks for help, all vanished and replaced with a stiff sense of duty. She was another Sailor Senshi along for the ride now, and that was it. Then there was Usagi herself. This new found Usagi was slightly cumbersome to Fighter. She wasn't sure what was going on in the girls mind, and wasn't sure how to act upon it under their current circumstances….
It couldn't have been too long ago that Fighter met with the Sailor Senshi to time jump into the 30th Century, but after what already felt like forever walking through it, they were now lost among the corridor of space-time, separated from Tuxedo Kamen and the small girl. Fighter tried half heartedly to blink away the headache, knowing it was no use. The time travel was not helping.

"Where are we?" Jupiter asked.  

"It's likely a space-time pocket in the crevices of space-time." Mercury replied.
"Then, if we never find Chibi-Usa…"

"We will be lost, wandering in space-time for all eternity." Venus finished for Jupiter.

"You guys, I'm sorry." Sailor Moon sniffled. "All because I let go of her hand…"

"This is not the time to say things like that, now is it?" Mars reassured her. "Anyway, let's look for Chibi-Usa and Tuxedo Kamen."


"We'll think of some way." As the girls were gearing up to start looking, Fighter had only just began to rise from her crouched position when Sailor Moon's Crystal began to glow.  

"What's going on? The Silver Crystal…"

"Oh, look…" Jupiter pointed out in response. Through the darkness of space, what seemed like directly across from them, a glowing pink light blinked in and out of sight.

"What is that light?!" Venus gasped.

"It's as if it's resonating with the Silver Crystal." Mars said.

"Maybe the future Silver Crystal is resonating with Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal." Mercury theorized.

"Anyway, let's go see what it is." Moon said determined.

"Yeah, there's no point in staying here."

"Let's go."


The group of Senshi began making their way towards the light with renewed hope while Fighter lagged slightly behind, rubbing the temples of her forehead vigorously. No one turned back to check on her, not even Sailor Moon. However after a few moments, Fighter found it easier to keep a closer proximity to the rest of them. She looked up curiously, as her headache had not diminished any to allow her to do so, and smiled. Sailor Moon's hair had stopped flapping behind her, her breaths became calmer, her steps smaller. She had slowed herself and the group to Fighter's pace.

"Thank you." Fighter whispered not caring who heard. Sailor Moon made no acknowledgement, but she didn't need to. The faint glow on her cheeks was enough for Fighter.

They walked on in silence until the light grew so bright it engulfed most their vision.

"It's just getting bigger and brighter!" Venus shielded her eyes against it.

"Keep going." Mercury stated. "We'll eventually have to pass through!"

"Pass through to what, though?" Asked Jupiter.

Just as she finished saying it, they all heard a high pitched scream.

"T-that was Chibi-Usa!" Sailor Moon cried desperately.

"Run towards it!" Fighter shouted. They all took off at a sprint, racing through the blinding pink light that led them there. The luminescent glow around them faded into a red haze and they stumbled to a halt when a couple silhouettes appeared before them.

"Hold it right there!" Sailor Moon shouted. A woman with snake like green hair on the verge of attacking Chibi-Usa looked up at the Sailor Senshi. "As long as we're here, we won't let you lay a finger on her!"

The woman stood, smirking. "I'm impressed that you made it out of that maze."

"We've got a strong ally called Lady Luck on our side! I'm a Sailor Senshi of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

"Hmph. I'll take care of the Rabbit later. I'll dispose of you guys first! Now, take this!" The woman launched herself into the air. Green waves of light erupted from her hands, shoving the Senshi back with force before suddenly dissipating.  

"What was that?!" Jupiter asked puzzled when there was no visible damage to anyone.

The woman laughed. "I drastically changed the flow of time."

"What did you say?!" Mercury asked shocked. She gave her earring a squeeze summoning her informational visor over her eyes.

"So, what about it?!" Mars scowled. "Burning-"

"Oh, wait!" Mercury exclaimed.

"-Mandala!" Before Mars could even finish her attack, the snake haired woman rose her hand into the air. The fiery attack stopped cold before shooting backwards at its summoner.  Sailor Mars leapt backward dismay. "What's going on here?!"

"She reversed the flow of time." Mercury tried explaining.

Over confident, Jupiter grabbed Venus for a double attack. Both their voices rang out; "Sparkling Wide Pressure!" and "Venus Love-Me Chain!"

"You're wasting your time." Their foe smirked.  The attacks repelled right back at them. Mercury gazed on through her visor in concentration. The rest of the Senshi backed behind her in wait. "I got it!" She said after a moment. "Just now, after she used her power, the distortion in time disappeared for an instant. That's our window of opportunity!"

"And we only get one chance." Venus said.

"An all or nothing bet. Let's try risking it all on a Sailor Planet Attack!" Mars suggested.

"All right, let's do it!" Jupiter was pumped again.

"But-" Sailor Moon lowered her head slightly. "How are we going to make her use her power?"

"I'll do it." Fighter stepped forward. "Prepare whatever attack you plan on using and strike after I distract her."

"Are you feeling up to it though?" Moon asked.

Fighter winked at her. "Don't worry about it. Just get ready." Whipping her head back around she lunged forward. "Star Serious-" The woman rose her hand to deflect, but Fighter rammed into her side. "Hurry!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Moon Crystal Power!"

Their foe rounded on Star Fighter with her teeth clenched. "-Laser!" Fighter finished, aiming the blast straight for her face.  

"Ryuakusu Power!" She grunted back.

The Sailor Senshi seized their chance. "Sailor Planet Attack!" They shouted. The five Senshi bowed their heads down as they joined hands, light enveloping them. It collected between them, then burst upward from the center. With a great flash, five streams of the colored glow went shooting forward. It hit their target dead center, and her ashes fell to the floor.

"We did it!" They celebrated.

"Chibi-Usa, are you alright?" Fighter turned around to see Tuxedo Kamen crouching over the small girl. The two cats were with him as well. "Everyone, I'm sorry for coming late."

"Now we can go to the future!" Artemis expressed delightfully.

"Is it much further?" Luna asked Chibi-Usa.

She shook her head. "No. It's right up ahead."

"Let's go then!"

The sound of shuffling feet was the only sound to be heard around them. Gradually the red haze that surrounded their vision began to fade. Off in the distance, the shape of a large rectangle began to form, and upon moving closer they saw it was a set of two large double doors. They were two people tall in height, with the phases of the moon on their face and large white pillars on each side.

Chibi-Usa walked up to the doors, reached out her hand, then pulled back in hesitation. The child looked up at the feel of a hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright. We're right here." Sailor Moon smiled. She nodded, then reached out her hand once more. With a great groan, the doors began to swing open. The Sailor Senshi held their breath in anticipation. Fighter stretched out her neck to get a better view. She was finally here, the future. The home of this mysterious little girl, tied to Usagi, who vouched for Usagi and Mamoru together…. 30th Century Tokyo. Blue light gently crept into view and with one final groan, the doors came to a halt.

"No way…" Sailor Moon whispered. "This is… the future?" Darkness. It consumed the Earth. The only visible light was the reflection of the giant moon against the frozen wasteland before them. The city was in ruins, with large craters from what looked like explosions. The Senshi stepped out of the doorway onto an cliff overlooking the city. The door vanished behind them as they stared on in awe.
"This is the future city, Crystal Tokyo?"

"What is this?" They gasped.

"It's almost all frozen."

Venus couldn't fathom it. "How are the people living in the city?"

"Considering the situation, they might not even be alive…" Mercury's voice faded as she said it.

"Mom…" Before they realized it Chibi-Usa took off behind them. "Mom!" She cried.

"Chibi-Usa!" Sailor Moon cried. "Come back, Chibi-Usa!"

"It's dangerous!" Tuxedo Kamen yelled after her. "Don't go out there by yourself!"

"What's with that kid and running off?" Fighter sighed.

"We have to bring her back!" Before the words were even fully out of Venus's mouth, Sailor Moon took off towards the girl leading the rest of them behind her.  


"Chibi-Usa!" They continued to call her name as they ran desperately after her, down the hill and towards the large towers of ice they saw earlier. The air was extremely cold, making it hard to breathe, and batches of fog obscured their vision. Making their way out of the trees, they came to a marble path with broken columns all along it.

Mars halted, looking vigorously from side to side. "Where did she go?"

"What a troublesome child." Sailor Moon lowered her eyes as she gazed down the path ahead of her. She could have sworn she saw something, but it wasn't a child's figure. A second later, something large began moving towards them. "Who's there?!" She called out, catching everyone else's attention.
Mars positioned herself to attack when Tuxedo Kamen grabbed her upper arm. "Wait!" He said, "That's…"
Sailor Moon inhaled sharply as the figure made its way out of the fog. The shape belonged to a man they all knew well already. "Tuxedo Kamen?" She sounded exasperated. Her along with the others turned to look at their own Tuxedo Kamen. "Two Tuxedo Kamen's?"

The second Tuxedo Kamen stopped a fair distance from them. He wore a lavender suit and cape the color of the sunset. White gloves donned his hands as well as a mask on his face, and a white cane rested in his right hand. He smiled.

"I am surprised that you managed to get to Crystal Tokyo of the thirtieth century." His voice was nearly the same, only deeper, more mature, a sign of someone older.

"That voice is…" Moon started saying with a dawning expression about her. "That's right! He's the one who made that ominous prediction!"

"Prediction?" Fighter thought.  

"The one who sent you and Mamoru the visions that caused your break up?" Venus asked. Fighter caught the corner of Sailor Moon's eyes before she turned away and nodded.

"So that's it…" Star Fighter knew something had to of happened in order for Mamoru to leave her. Tuxedo Kamen pushed his way through the crowd.

"Who are you?!" He demanded. Without waiting for a response, he whipped out his cane and rushed at his look-alike. The other Tuxedo Kamen just looked up and smiled, catching the first off guard. Tripping from hesitation, Tuxedo Kamen fell right through his double and plummeted to the hard ground as if passing through a ghost.

"What the hell is going on?!"

"Do not look so surprised." The ghost said. "I am King Endymion. That's right." He continued at Tuxedo Kamen's expression. "I am you in the future."


Fighter cringed, feeling her heart seize at the name. King Endymion. Mamoru's name as Prince of the Earth, except with a new title. So in the far future, the Earth is reigned by the Prince once more.  Fighter didn't even need to guess who his queen was. The future Queen of Earth…. so was that in then? Her destiny? The reason she can't love her as Seiya?

"The future Tuxedo Kamen?"

"Wait a minute!" Sailor Moon protested angrily. "Why did the future Mamo-chan make us dream of obstacles that would come between us?!"

"Wait, Sailor Moon." Mercury gently held her back. "He's not really there!"

"You are correct, Sailor Mercury." King Endymion said. "My actual body is located elsewhere."

"A 3-dimensional image?" Venus questioned.

"The time has come for me to tell you everything." The King said. "Please come with me."

"Wait!" Sailor Moon called when he turned his back to them. "We have to look for Chibi-Usa!"

Sailor Star Fighter put a reassuring hand on Sailor Moon's shoulder. "I'm sure she's alright."

King Endymion turned his head, and looked quizzically at Fighter. "That is correct. Do not worry about her, I am sheltering her." Instead of turning back to lead them on, the King instead faced the Senshi. "I see you are a Sailor Senshi stranger, but I am afraid I do not know how you came to be here. I assume you are vouched for if you are with them however."

"Me?" Fighter asked confused. "Wait- me? You're serious?" She asked doubtfully. "Sailor Star Fighter. Seiya Kou… why are you pretending like you don't know me?"

"I'm sorry, I don't." King Endymion said.

"From the planet Kinmoku." Fighter persisted hostilely. "Fought Galaxia with Sailor Moon. Came back and- Stop messing with me!" Fighter shouted. "That's impossible. This is the future, the 30th century right? You've met me in the past and-"

"I may have simply forgotten. It has been centuries since your time so forgive me in advance. Even now though, we have no records in our database that a planet called Kinmoku even exists."  

"What?" Fighter gasped, taken aback. "But-"

"I'm sorry." The King cut her off. "We must move inside now, we're not safe here and I have much to tell you. We can talk more there. Come." With a final glance back at Fighter, King Endymion faced away and started walking. The Senshi passed Fighter and followed, each staring back in turn as well. Star Fighter lagged behind, her legs heavy as led.

Cold sweat worked its way down her back. They had to be messing with her. This future Mamoru… perhaps it was punishment because he knew exactly why she was here, exactly where she planned to go after this. Maybe this was his revenge, but the Pluto he had met at the gate earlier reacted the same. There was just no way, yet here she was, in the future 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, and she didn't exist to them. It was all wrong. So how?
For the One I Love- Ch.16
Seiya comes back to tell Usagi he loves her but everything falls apart. The only option Seiya can find is to go back in time to prove that destiny isn’t a set thing. But something strange is happening. What are the forbidden era's? And who is this Prince Diamond? Seiya may soon find himself protecting the very thing he tried to change. 
(Chapter 16)

From the series Sailor Moon, Stars Season

Next Chapter: In Progress

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SM2_season3_strip7 by Kimiski
From my fanstory, "Sailor Moon 2"
season 3, SM2 S

Unlike Sailor Moon, in my story no one know's the Prince's Earth identity, they call him Chisei, which was his name in the past. It's never really been a problem, but as Tsukimi grows and becomes more of the dating age, she feels she is being left out of that experience, and wants to know who Chisei is so they can be together properly, however Chisei is resistant of this, saying he is serious about her, but they are too young, and he doesn't want to rob her of exploring other relationships and living her life as a normal teenager dating would. This causes a huge rift between the two, especially when Prince Gouire shows up. In the past he turned traitor to the Senshi and was obsessed with Selena without her knowing, in the past they were once good friends and he was possibly the only other man Selena could have ever fallen for. Now of course, after becoming possessive in the past, he is evil, but puts on a show for Tsukimi while mocking Chisei and the Senshi behind their backs that Tsukimi believes in him over them, especially since he has greeted her broken heart over how Chisei has been treating her with warmth and open arms. 

This scene takes place after Tsukimi returns from being kidnapped by Gourie, and learning about his true nature and plans for her. She is so drained of energy she has been asleep the last couple of days, and the Senshi and Chisei regularly come and check on her. The senshi, especially Neo Venus, confronts Chisei and tells him how she see's it, that he didn't pull away for her sake at having a normal life, but that he pulled away because he is scared about getting too serious too young, and not trusting her love in him enough to believe they will grow together, and not apart with time. Wounded, Chisei tries to defend himself when Neo Mars decides to take a less gentle approach with the masked man. 

Drawn in pen

To see more of this story, go here:…
SM2_season3_strip6 by Kimiski
From my fanstory, "Sailor Moon 2"
season 3, SM2 S

This scene takes place after Tsukimi has been abducted by Prince Gouire. She wakes upon a ship fatigued, and stumbles over to the window where she see's the Earth and Moon below her. As she turns around, Gouire is there watching her. 

Drawn in pen.

To see more of this story, go here:…
Birthday Girls 2015 by Kimiski
Birthday Girls 2015
Happy (late) Birthday to my character Neo Moon, and the gorgeous Sailor Neptune (and of course, my self!) March 6th <3 


Kimberly M Apilado
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Name: Kimberly Michelle Apilado
Nicknames: Kimi and Kimiski
Current Age: 23
Date of Birth: March 6th 1990
Hobbies: Drawing and Writing
Current Residence: USA
Heritage: Filipino-German American
Education: University- Junior
Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Business
Favorite Animes: Sailor Moon, The Slayers, Fushigi Yugi.
Favorite Mangas: Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Kare Kano, Hana-Kimi.
Dream: To become a graphic novelist/published author and illustrator.

abstract divider by ToxiceStea   Things and Such  abstract divider by ToxiceStea 
star divider gold by ToxiceSteastar divider gold by ToxiceSteastar divider gold by ToxiceStea

With so much time dedicated to school work, my job, and being part of non profit organizations, I barely am on DevintArt anymore. Luckily, I'm at least able to do an art dump after every term with some stuff I did in my art classes, and some doodles I managed to do in between. 

So I am entering the world of Visual Communication and am hoping to get a drawing tablet since I will be using it a lot from now on and don't want to drive to campus every time I have an assignment with one. I know nothing about them so I am hoping to get some recommendations and feedback before I get one. The only thing I have experience with is the insanely larger than computer monitor Wacom tablet we have in design classes. My poor little budget is keeping me no more than $100.00, and anything lower then that, the better. Say $60.00 range. However, I really like the feature with the large tablet that it works as a screen so you can see exactly where your pen is hitting and what you are tracing over if you trace. Not sure if that is an option or not with the smaller models, but I'd love to find something like that in my price range. 

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