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Sailor Earth Who?
Chapter 1

((While this fanfiction is not descriptive in anyway or has anything pornographic in it, it is intended for an older and mature audience.))

It was a scorching hot summer day; no different from any of the other hot ones Tokyo had been getting this year. A young girl of the age sixteen was awake on her cool bedroom floor. Her name was Tsukino Usagi.
"Urg!" She rolled over on her floor with her legs and arms spread open. "I feel like an egg in a frying pan!" Her long golden locks were pulled back into two buns on top of her head, but the hair which fell from them were no where to be found. She closed her eyes to block out the sunlight trying to slip into a quiet slumber. There was no sound to be heard, not even the most gentle breeze dared show it's face in this heat.
"Ahhh!" Usagi jumped up and whipped the sweat off her face. She crawled over to her little pink table in the middle of the room. Leaning against it with her head against her shoulder. "To damn hot." All of a sudden she felt something tugging at her side. She looked down to meet a pair of giant Blue eyes that much resembled her own.
"To damn hot?" The sweet little voice innocently asked.
"Chibi-Chibi!" Usagi picked up the young child and placed her in her lap. "Don't go repeating that."
"Repeat that!" She said playfully.
"Chibi-" Usagi's voice was cut out by the sound of her telephone. "Oh darn it." With all her might she pushed herself up off the ground and began her quest in finding the phone. "Now where did I put that thing?"
Her room was a disaster. Clothes were everywhere piled with papers, books, and magazines. The only spot that was remotely clean was where she had pushed everything aside to make room to lie down.
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" The phone continued to ring. Chibi-Chibi watched with interest as Usagi through around the clothes still in search. She started to make her way to the other side of the room when...
"Ow, Damnit!" Without realizing it Usagi had tripped over the phone getting her caught in the wire. The small pink haired girl jumped up and down in giggles.
"Damnit, Damnit!"
"Uh...Chibi-Chibi" The older one sighed. "Hello, this is Tsukino Usagi." She spoke into the phone. The other voice could be heard echoing out of it.
"Yo, Odango!" Usagi's face lit up in surprise.
"Oh, Seiya!"
The voice on the other line laughed. "You missed me that much huh, couldn't stop thinking about me? And it's only been one week since summer vacation started." Usagi's face turned a slight shade of rose.
"Oh.... come on now."
"Haha!" Seiya burst out in laughter. "Hey, I just wanted to know if you would like to come swimming with me. It's way too hot!"
"Sure!" She couldn't help but smile.
"Meet me in Jubban Park around noon?" He asked
"Alright, I'll make sure and bring my best swimming suit!" Without her knowledge Seiya blushed slightly on the other line.
"See ya than, bye."
Usagi set down the phone and turned to Chibi-Chibi.
"Wanna go swimming?" The little girl danced around the room with a huge grin on her face.
"Chibi-Chibi, Chibi-Chibi!"
"Come on we better go buy you a new swimming suit than." She took the little girls hand and started heading towards her door when something caught the corner of her eye. A black cat head? Her mind snapped as she swung around. "Chibi-Usa?" There was nothing there. I thought...She turned her head from side to side only to be disappointed. Forget it. She thought.
Chibi-Chibi looked sadly up at Usagi.
"Come on Chibi-Chibi we better get going." And with that they left.
A few miles away from the Tsukino house a beautiful priestess with long raven hair sat with it tied back into a long ponytail. Despite the heat she was isolated in a room with a fire crackling away. What is this feeling of uneasiness that haunts me so? She closed her eyes and prayed in front of the fire.
"Nothing..." The young priestess sighed. The fire sat there with no change in it at all. "But I just know something's wrong." The girl by the name of Rei Hino got up and started to walk out of the room when she heard a loud crack from a fire.
"Huh?" She turned her head to gaze at the fire that was still calm. "I must be imagining things. Wow, this heat is getting to me." Once again she made for the doors when they snapped shut.
"What the hell?" Just as she breathed those words a vicious male laughter could be heard from the fire. "My god, what's going on?" Fear was pumping in every inch of Rei's body. Slowly she approached the fire when it went burst high to the ceiling. "Arg!" The heat from the blast forced her to fall back onto the ground. For a spilt second an image of a girl with pink hair and a symbol on her forehead danced within the fire. Rei blinked and it was gone.
"Chibi-Usa?" Rei gasped. "That girl looked like, Chibi-Usa. Was it?" Across from the fire a mirror shook violently and exploded with dark energy. Screaming pouring out of every inch of it. Screaming of a familiar voice. An image formed inside the holy mirror.
Rei strained her eyes for a better look at what appeared to be a falling tortured angel. A man now made his way into the picture and took the abused woman in his arms forcing a kiss within her bruised lips. Rei jammed her hand over her mouth when she realized what she was looking at.
"Usagi!" Rei screamed at the sight of her princess torn, bruised and bleeding in the arms of a complete stranger. "What happening! This isn't what I wanted to see!" She was chocking on her own tears. "Stop! Don't show me any more! STOP!"
The image disappeared and the fire burned back to normal. But the evil feeling still lingered. Rei slowly regained her scenes and ran to her communicator.
"Everyone come to my place right away, no questions just hurry, everyone!" She turned it off and collapsed onto the ground. Little did she know Tsukino Usagi's communicator was safely tucked away in a beach tall unnoticed.
What seemed like hours later, which were, only minutes, three girls came running up the temple steps shouting Rei's name. She went outside to meet them.
"Rei what's wrong, what happened?" Minako was the first to reach her friend. "I was in the middle of taking a cold shower when, Rei?" A horrified expression came over the Raven hatred's face.
"Usagi! Where's Usagi?"
"Who knows, probably asleep at home and didn't even get the message, but that doesn't matter what happened?" Makoto, a tall girl with brown hair spoke.
"No! It does matter, it matters the most, now where is she!" They had never seen Rei this desperate. They stared at her but she had no time to feel awkward. They had not seen what she just did, what she was feeling right now.
"We said we don't know." Makoto repeated thunderstruck at her friend's hostility.
"We have to find her!" She commanded.
"Rei?" Ami asked.
"Now!" Did her friends not get it? Usagi was in danger.
"Alright, alright, lets go already." Makoto said. They all followed Rei away from the shrine to look for their missing friend.
"Gasp!" Usagi gasped for air as she surfaced to the top of the water. "Ah that feels so good!" The water glistened as it caressed her body in the shining sun. Seiya was trying as hard as possible not to notice how beautiful she looked at that moment.
"Having fun?" He asked. She started swimming towards him splashing like a little kid.
"Yep! Chibi-Chibi is too." Usagi turned and looked at the little girl splashing away in her float toy. Seiya felt kind of stupid, he forgot about the little girl who goes wherever Usagi goes. He was kind of hoping for a day alone with the girl of his dreams.
"Seiya?" Usagi swam right in front of Seiya's face, which caught him off guard. He blushed furiously and didn't have time to hide it. "You should put on some more sun block Seiya you're face is turning red."
"Yeah, yeah you're right..Sunblock..Hahaha.." He turned his face away from hers laughing nervously. Usagi watched Seiya as someone else watched her.
"I can sense it. Two Sailor Crystals." A pair of eyes over looked the whole swimming area trying to pinpoint where this aura of power was coming from. "Ah yesss..." The voice hissed. "This power, one of them is that of the strongest light, Serenity...." But how to lure her out? Her eyes rested upon the innocent face of Chibi-Chibi. "That child is the target."
The mysterious figure vanished into thin air and re-appeared behind some near by trees. She closed her hands together to form a pink light, when she opened them a simple butterfly flew from her.
"Go, bring the child to me."
Back at the pool Seiya and Usagi were engaged in a water fight.
"Special Moon Splash!" Usagi acted as though she were throwing an attack at him but hit her hands against the water instead. Seiya managed do dodge the wave and made his own attack.
"Fighter Wave of Death!" Usagi tucked under the water to save herself. "Hey no going under cheater!" He yelled at her as she re surfaced.
Usagi giggled. "Sorry."
"Now I get something in return."
"Oh, and what would that be Mr.Kou?"
"A date." Usagi looked up at him in surprise. "With the fair and beautiful moon bunny." Usagi laughed.
"Oh what an honor!" She surprised him with an attack wave. He went under. When he came up she was out of the pool and helping Chibi-Chibi climb out. She sat Chibi-Chibi on a towel after drying her off.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"It's getting late." She said
"Oh no you don't, you can't get out of our date that easily."
"Seiya," Usagi giggled, "Stop joking around, besides I have Ma..AHH!" Seiya grabbed Usagi's ankle forcing her to fall back into the pool. She yanked her head to the surface out of air.
"Y-you butthead!" Was all she could muster. Seiya looked gave her a hurt look.
"That hurts Odango, that's the worst thing I've ever been called."
"Oh shut up!" The water war was on again; leaving Chibi-Chibi all alone to follow a butterfly she had just caught sight of.
A few minutes later Usagi and Seiya were floating in the water exhausted. "That was some work out." She smiled. "I can't believe we spent the whole day together the suns starting to set." Seiya looked around and was shocked to find this to be true. The sun was getting ready to retire, and they were the last people left. We're all alone. The idea was getting to his head as his heart began to race.
Seiya turned his head only to have his heart race more. He couldn't think of anything more beautiful as Usagi was floating there in the water with her eyes closed and the sunset creating a gentle glow around her body. He gulped moving towards her.
"Usagi" He whispered in the gentlest voice. He took her hand in his and squeezed it tightly.
"Seiya, what are you doing?" Usagi's eyes snapped wide open and blushed the brightest shade of pink.
"Odango, I've wanted to tell you something for a long time now." Seiya choked on air and gripped her hand tighter. "Usagi I lo-"
"AHHHHHHHHH!" Off in the distance the scream of a young girl could be heard. Usagi jumped at the sound of the voice.
"My god, Chibi-Usa!" As fast as she could Usagi swam out of the pool and grabbed her locket almost in tears. "How could I have been so stupid, so irresponsible, I lost a child!" Seiya came up behind her with his transforming pen.
"No time to blame yourself, let's go!" They ran to where the voice was coming from after transforming.
"Chibi-Chibi!" Sailor Moon's voice was desperate. She felt so stupid for losing her. However it did not take long to find her. "Chibi-Chibi!" Sailor Moon screamed. There in the air the girl was dangling by the throat by a Butterfly demon.
"Star Serious Laser!" Sailor Star Fighter brought down the demon in one attack.
"Chibi-Chibi!" Sailor Moon ran underneath the falling girl and caught her with a thud. Sailor Moon pulled her into a tight hug. "Are you alright, I'm so sorry!
"Pathetic!" A voice cut through the day and shattered the peace. Sailor Moon looked up to see a woman around the age of fourteen looking down on her. Sailor Moon glared back
"You're the one who took this kid aren't you!" But the girl above wasn't listening. She had just caught eye of the crescent moon upon the blonde's forehead.
"Prince I have found her, Serenity!" She yelled into the sky.
"What?" Sailor Moon yelled shocked. A sudden blast of cold air and dust swirled like a tornado in front of Sailor Moon. Out of it came a man who appeared to be in his late twenty's. He had on a suit of white with a long cape and red hair and eyes the color of blood.
"NOOOOOOO!" After laying eyes on this new comer Chibi-Chibi fell down sobbing. Sailor Moon had never seen her act like this towards any one, enemy or not.
"Chibi-Chibi!" Sailor Moon asked startled. Without any warning She felt herself being pulled away by a strong hold. Before she knew it she was in the arms of the red haired man inches away from his face.
"So you are Serenity, goddess of the moon." His voice was deep. Sailor Moon could only think of one thing. He knows I'm Serenity? Panic was inching its way in her mind. He smiled down on her scanning her entire body with his eyes. "You're very young in this era, but you'll do. I'm not complaining of course." He placed his hand on her face and stroked downward tell he reached the bottom of her neck. "Nothing really to complain about." He eyed her hungrily.
"GET AWAY FROM HER YOU SICK BASTARD!" Star Fighter was outraged.
"Try me!" The prince raised his hand and shot veins which tangled Star Fighter and Chibi-Chibi.
"Arg! Odango!" Chibi-Chibi was still sobbing on the ground.
"Leave alone, leave alone!" She cried. The Prince turned back around to his unfinished business. Sailor Moon tore her gaze from her helpless friends and looked him in the eye.
"What do you want!" He took his hand and caressed her sides.
"Everything." He whispered in her ear. He pulled her head back from behind and kissed her passionately.
"ODANGO!" Star Fighter cried out desperately fighting the veins which held him back from doing everything and anything he could to hurt that man. Chibi-Chibi sobbed even harder.
The cry from Star Fighter snapped her back to reality.
"What the hell do you think you are doing! I swear if you touch me again I'll," She stopped at the look on his face. It was twisted into a smile only a maddest of mad men could accomplish.
"Or you'll what?" He gritted his teeth. No! Sailor Moon thought. This isn't happening! I can't move! He laughed as he moved in closer. Sailor Moon closed her eyes in fear. Why can't I move? me!
"Moon gorgeous meditation!" A jet of bright pink light hit where the prince was standing just moments before he vanished. The veins crumbled to ashes releasing Sailor Star Fighter and Chibi-Chibi. Everyone's eyes now moved to their savior. A child Sailor Senshi with bubble gum pink hair pulled back in an all too familiar hairstyle stood before them. Sailor Moon opened her mouth in shock and ran forward.
"Sailor Chibi Moon!" She scooped the girl up into a giant hug. Chibi Moon returned the hug.
"Sailor Moon!" She smiled. "I missed you!" Sailor Star Fighter stared at the stranger in her Odango's arms.
"Chibi Moon?" She asked herself.
Off in the distance four girls were watching the reunion.
"Thank god she's alright." Sailor Mars sighed.
"Hey is that?" Sailor Mercury started
"Chibi-Usa?" Sailor Jupiter asked edging her way around to get a better look. "And Seiya?"
Sailor Venus took in what she was seeing and what her comrades were saying.
"Uh oh."
A dark secret begins to unfold and the arrival of a mysterious new senshi just adds to the confusion. Should Seiya really be worrying about the perfect time to tell Usagi how he feels, or will he forget completely when he learns an awful truth?
(Chapter 1)

From the series Sailor Moon, Stars season.
(This is NOT a Mary Sue)
Warning: This fanfiction is suitable for a mature audience only.

Next Chapter: [link]
anime0freak97 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008  Student General Artist
awesome i love how you brought Chibi-Usa back in the story were they did not in the t.v. show
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