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"For The One I Love"
Chapter One
"A Confession Of Love"

"Sei-" The gentle voice was cut off.

The scene played out nearly perfect, pictured beautifully.

"Shhh, don't speak." And once more there was silence. A young man pressed his lips against a young lady's, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting. Oh how sweet they were, he had wondered for so long of their taste.

Cherry blossoms fluttered down upon the couple and brushed against the young lady's face as it deepened in shades of red, becoming the colors of the setting sun before them. She slowly started to struggle, moving away from the young man. He grabbed her arms and pressed in closer, not wanting to let go. He wanted to hold on to this moment forever.

She tried to move away again, but the pull from the young man was too strong. He refused to let go, he must make this last as long as he can. The young lady began to shake under his body weight, falling onto her back and taking the young man with her. The young man opened his eyes to glance at the beauty that was the women beneath him, and froze.

"Usagi…" The word barely escaped his mouth. Crystal clear tears dripped from her eyes, falling into the ground. "Usagi?" He asked again. He felt his heart begin to sink. This was causing her pain?
With every inch of his body screaming for more, he backed slowly off of her. Usagi covered her face with her hands and continued to lie there.

"I-I'm sorry!" She gagged out in surprised tears. "I-just-I" Her tears were followed by slight hiccups. "I didn't know you-"

"Loved you?" Seiya spoke.

"I'm sorry!" She sputtered. "I can't-"

"No." Seiya reached around and grabbed Usagi's shoulders tenderly. "Please don't say it, Dumpling…" He closed his eyes tightly and leaned his head against her chest. "You're so warm…" His voice trailed off. Usagi trembled as she moved her hands onto Seiya's shoulders and pushed him away.

"I love Mamoru." Seiya felt a part of him wilt inside. Again, she had said his name. "I always will. I guess you could say it's destiny... Seiya?" He had gotten up.

"I don't believe it." He stated. Seiya looked down into her royal blue eyes, the ones he had fallen in love with the moment he saw them in the airport. "How do you know it's destiny? What if… we had met earlier?"

"Seiya, I never would have known you first. You know the story…I'm Princess Serenity from the Moon. Mamo-chan is Prince Endymion of Earth from over thousands of years ago during the Silver Millennium…" Usagi stood up as well, looking back into his own blue eyes. "We were reborn here on Earth at the same time, in the same country, in the same city. We just happen to meet and fall in love all over again, and you don't call that destiny?"

"What if it's not?"

Usagi placed her hands to her head and shut her eyes. "I can't love you." She said softly. Tears began to drip down her face again. She looked up at him with wide glossy eyes. "Seiya, I just can't."
"Can't you?" He grabbed onto her shoulders once more. Usagi buried her hands in her face, not wanting to look at him anymore. "Why can't you?"

"I'm sorry…"

The pain that had been bubbling up inside his body for so long finally set loose. Seiya lowered his head, and backed away. "I'm sorry too…" He turned around, and took off.

"Seiya!" Usagi called for him, but he didn't respond to her voice, and only began to move faster away from her.

"I told her…" He thought. "I told her I loved her… it's all over now…" Seiya couldn't go back to pretending anymore, with the words 'I love you' he had changed everything, and he couldn't go back.
Seiya didn't know where he was going as he let his feet carry him. All he wanted to do at the moment was walk as far as he could before his brain or his body got too tired to carry on. Not paying attention, he turned the corner and knocked into somebody who called out his name.

"Leave me alone…" He thought ignoring the call. A hand reached out and grabbed the back of his shirt, trying to pull him around. "Let go!" He shouted annoyed.

"What the hell is your problem?" The voice sounded now as equally annoyed as his own. Seiya looked up, about to tell the guy to piss off when he saw it was his own friend that had a grab on him.


"What's going on? Why are you in such a huff all of a sudden?" Another voice, Taiki's, asked as he turned the corner and saw Seiya tangled in Yaten's grip. "We just barely got here and you're already in a bad mood. If I remember correctly, you were the one who liked Earth the first time we were here."

"It has nothing to do with Earth." He said. "I… told her…" Seiya barely mouthed.

"What?" Yaten asked, not hearing what he said.

"I told Usagi… the truth…" Yaten looked up at Taiki with an 'I told you so" look. Taiki shook his head at Yaten to stop before Seiya saw.

"What did she say?" Taiki asked trying to be sympathetic, but he too, along with Yaten, knew Seiya's confession would be pointless from the beginning.

"Destiny…" He said. "She said the same thing as her. It's all about destiny, isn't it?"

"What do you mean?" Yaten asked confused, not knowing whom the 'her' was supposed to be in his friend's statement.

"There has to be a way to change her mind." Seiya said. "I have to prove to her you can change anything, even destiny."

"You can't really change who you love, Seiya…" Yaten trailed off not really sure what to say to him.

"I'll find a way."

Surrounded by crowds of people passing by, buried in their own world, no one gave any attention to the three young men's conversation. Except for one small girl who had been listening the moment she arrived, out of thin air clutching a shining key in hand, and not liking what she heard.
Seiya comes back to tell Usagi he loves her but everything falls apart. The only option Seiya can find is to go back in time to prove that destiny isnít a set thing. But something strange is happening. What are the forbidden era's? And who is this Prince Diamond? Seiya may soon find himself protecting the very thing he tried to change.
(Chapter 1)

From the anime series Sailor Moon, Stars season.

Next Chapter: [link]
agateczka21 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
may i do the comics for this story??
Kimiski Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010  Student General Artist
Wow really? : O

If you really want!
Don't draw too fast though, I still got a lot of chapters to write :D and I'm a slow updater.
agateczka21 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
i really want ;) your story is awesome :D
and don't worry i have little baby so i will not draw to fast ;)
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